“I have had the good fortune to have many fine printers/teachers help me learn the craft of letterpress printing. I count among them Harold McGrath, Barry Moser, Dan Keleher, Bruce Chandler, Leonard Baskin, Michael Bixler, Dan Carr, and Carol Blinn—to name but a few. I am grateful to them all for the patience they showed in instructing me. I feel I have an obligation to pass on the knowledge they have given me and the few small nuggets I’ve unearthed myself.

I have taught a studio arts course on typography and printing at Smith College, lectured on letterpress printing and design at SUNY New Paltz, taught workshops for the Garage Annex School, and trained apprentices for extended periods of time at Horton Tank.

I am currently offering a two-day workshop on letterpress basics through the Garage Annex School. I would be happy to explore other topics at my shop in Hadley, Massachusetts, including but not limited to printing woodcuts and wood engravings, relief monotypes, and advanced hand composition.” —AL