Common Monsters of The United States.
Etchings and text by Michael Kuch. Double Elephant Press, 2004. 19 x 14 inches, 30 leaves, 25 books and 15 boxed sets of etchings. With 10 hand-colored etchings and 10 shaped text pages. The type is 14 point Romulus cast at Golgonooza Letter Foundry. Etchings and text printed by Art Larson. Binding by Lisa van Pelt.

“The etchings were printed in an olive green on Zecchi’s Alcantara paper and then were hand-colored by Kuch. The type was partially shaped by Julia Ferrari at the Monotype keyboard, from Kuch’s computer layout. Then I made small adjustments before the printing.

The shaped text blocks were printed on a translucent abaca sheet from Carriage House Paper.” —AL

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