The Inconstant Moon.
Lithographs by Enid Mark. 8 new poems to the moon by eight poets and also the Greek text and English translation of the Homeric “Hymn to Selene.” The ELM Press, 2007.
10 ½ x 14 inches, 30 leaves, 45 copies. Calligraphy by Jerry Kelly. Lithographs printed by Tim Sheesley. Letterpress printed by Art Larson. Binding by David Bourbeau, Barbara Blumenthal, and Daniel Gehnrich.

“This page opening has a lithograph by Mark, printed by Tim Sheesley, on the verso. On the recto is a poem by Eleanor Wilner, machine-set by Michael Bixler in 14 point Dante, which I then hand-set and shaped to form a crescent. Also, for this book, there was much letterspacing of Gill and Gill Greek capitals for the “Hymn to Selene”—both the English and the Greek were set in all caps.”—AL

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