Disasters of Love—In Defense of Delilah.
Poetry and Prints by Michael Kuch.
Double Elephant Press, 2006.
11 x 18 inches, 36 leaves, 60 copies. Twelve lithographs printed by Tim Sheesley at The Corridor Press. The twenty etchings and the letterpress were printed by Art Larson. Binding by Barry Spence and later by Peter Geraty. Catherine Ulitsky assisted with various production elements.

“The title page of Disasters consists of an etching by Kuch, with much tone left selectively on the plate. The image was then overprinted with hand-set type, printed in red and black on dampened handmade paper from Velké Losiny. On the page below in this complex spread is another etching and yet more type.” —AL

Baskin Oresteia     Kuch Disasters 1     Moser Tree