The Gehenna Florilegium. Poems by Anthony Hecht. Woodcuts by Leonard Baskin. The Gehenna Press, 1998. 10 3/4 x 16 1/4 inches, 20 leaves, 50 copies. 16 poems, each facing a woodcut printed in at least three colors. The type and the woodcuts were printed by Art Larson. Binding by Claudia Cohen.

“There were more than 30 different colors to mix for this book—all mixed with much transparent white to match Baskin’s water-colored proofs. In this print of cyclamens, the colors were particularly delicate. The printing of this image also required rolls with small brayers in spots and smudging and blending with fingertips and muslin.” —AL

Used by permission of the Estate of Leonard Baskin.
© Estate of Leonard Baskin. All rights are held by the artist and any further duplication or publication must be cleared by them.
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