Capriccio. Poems by Ted Hughes.
Engravings by Leonard Baskin. The Gehenna Press, 1990.
19 etchings, 6 woodcuts, and a wood engraving, printed in four colors. 13 ¾ x 20 ¼ inches, 50 leaves, 50 copies. The poems were hand-set by Art Larson in 30 point Spectrum cast by Harold Berliner. The text was printed by Dan Keleher. The woodcuts and the engraving were printed by Art Larson. Binding by Gray Parrot.

“The woodcut on the title page was printed in four colors, mixed to match Baskin’s ‘touched’/water-colored black-block proof.” —AL

Used by permission of the Estate of Leonard Baskin.
© Estate of Leonard Baskin. All rights are held by the artist and any further duplication or publication must be cleared by them.
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