The Everywhere Chronicles
by Jamie Baldridge. 21st Editions, 2008. Story and 10 ink pigment prints by Baldridge. 15 1/2 x 20 inches, 64 pages, 50 copies. Composed by Art Larson from types cast by Michael Bixler. Designed and printed by Michael Russem at Kat Ran Press. Binding by Lisa Van Pelt.

“The composition for this book was challenging for several reasons. First was the sheer number of the hand-set lines—800 lines, set justified on a 45-pica measure. The page makeup for this book was also complex—footnotes, letterspaced running heads, inserted paragraphs of quotes, and folios. Russem’s design called for an unusual amount of hand composition but resulted in a rich variety of textures to complement Baldridge’s prints.” —AL

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